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free Webinar Wednesday August 14: How always being busy kills productivity

It feels like everybody is always busy at work these days.

Many workplaces keep putting their employees under massive time pressure, thinking that this makes employees work harder, but in this webinar we will show that the truth is the opposite: Always being busy reduces employees’ cognitive resources and makes it much harder for them to do their jobs well.

Previous events

How To Keep Workplace Happiness Initiatives Alive

It’s depressingly common: A workplace proudly launches some kind of happiness initiative with great fanfare and then… nothing. It just kind of peters out and is never heard from again.

In this webinar we’re going to talk about how to avoid this and how to keep all happiness initiatives going strong.

All the reasons why being happy at work makes you more successful

The research is very clear: Happy employees do better work and happy companies make more money. But why exactly is that?

In this webinar we’re going to go through all the most relevant and fascinating research to pinpoint exactly why.

How to get bosses to give positive feedback

Many managers give their employees little to no recognition. Studies show that this directly hurts productivity and motivation and makes employees unhappy at work.

In this webinar we’re going to show exactly how to teach managers to take positive feedback seriously and start appreciating their employees’ good work and positive qualities.

How to hire for happiness

The best workplaces take hiring very seriously and put a lot of effort into bringing in the right people and keeping out the wrong ones.

In this FREE webinar we’re going to show exactly how workplaces can hire for happiness.

The science of happiness at work

If we want to build happier workplaces, we have to know and apply the relevant science and research!

In this webinar we cover the 5 most important findings from the happiness research that are relevant for workplaces.

The Business Benefits Of Employee Happiness

I think we all know that happy companies get better results but why exactly is that?

We look at the research and figure that out. The answer may not be what you think.

How To Build A Culture Of Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is one of the most effective tools to make a workplace happier and more productive. Dive into the science and practice of effective praise and recognition and lear how to avoid the pitfalls.



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