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More than 100,000 people from over 50 countries have participated in our keynotesworkshops and management trainings. Read more about our services below.


Our clients represent all kinds of workplaces, big and small, private and government, all over the world.


Keynote presentation of 1-2 hours for any size group. A fun, engaging, inspiring and above all useful talk that shows participants how they can take responsibility for their own happiness at work

References: IKEA, Shell, Statoil, Accenture, Microsoft and many others.


Half-day or full-day workshop for groups of up to 100 participants. Contains a mix of theory and in-depth practical group exercises that give participants tools to create a happier workplace.

References: LEGO, Hilton, Pfizer, IBM and many others.

Leading With Happiness management training

Keynotes and workshops for managers/executives. Teaches leaders to stay happy at work themselves and gives them simple, effective tools to make their employees happier and more productive.

References: IKEA, LEGO, G4S, GlaxoSmithKline, Tata and many others.