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Why happy companies make more money

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About the webinar

I think we all know that happy companies get better results but why exactly is that? Let’s look at the research and figure that out.

The answer may not be what you think and it may change depending on the culture, the industry or the specific situation of the company.

Knowing exactly why happiness at work will boost your company’s results is crucial because that knowledge will motivate leadership to do something to make employees happier and keep them committed to the process.

Join this FREE webinar and learn all about:

  • Exactly how happy employees boost the bottom line according to studies
  • How to calculate the specific benefits for your organization
  • How to use this knowledge to convince leadership in your organization

We’re going to keep the whole thing short, useful and fun and be done in just 30 minutes!

Date: Thursday April 11, 2024

Time: 15.30 CET / 2.30pm GMT / 9.30am ET

2 responses to “Webinar – Business Benefits”

  1. S. Turner Avatar
    S. Turner

    Are there any industries that have more to gain from happiness? Any industries where it matters less?

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Do top leaders ever actually believe this and then change their organizations?

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