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Free Webinar wednesday april 24: the 5 most crucial findings from happiness research

Positive psychology is the study of human happiness and well-being and it has been a thriving field for the last few decades and come out with many exciting discoveries about what makes life better.

This is crucial for organizations to know, because many of the same findings absolutely apply at work as well as in life.

In this FREE* webinar we’re going to cover the 5 most important findings from the happiness research that are relevant for workplaces. Topics include:

  • The top 5 findings from positive psychology that are relevant to workplaces
  • How to apply these findings in practice
  • Pitfalls to avoid, including an overfocus on happiness
  • Examples from great workplaces who have successfully applied these ideas
  • 5 specific, simple ideas you can try in your organization

We’re going to keep the whole thing short, useful and fun and be done in just 30 minutes!

Date: Wednesday April 24, 2024

Time: 15.30 CET / 2.30pm GMT / 9.30am ET

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