Amsterdam – 10 July 2020


Happy Office (Netherlands)), Tryangle (Belgium), Happy Coffee (UK) and Cloud 9 to 5 (Canada) have formed a brand-new joint venture to take over Woohoo Inc, a unique international network whose vision is a world where happiness at work is the rule rather than the exception. Woohoo Inc, formerly based in Denmark, will be renamed Woohoo Unlimited and will continue to provide professionals around the world with

expertise, research, collaboration, events and training on all things related to workplace happiness. After more than 15 years of helping to advance the workplace happiness

movement worldwide, Danish founder Alexander Kjerulf has decided to pass on the torch to a close group of workplace happiness experts that he has trained and worked with closely over the years. Incorporating such an internationally respected company to their portfolio is a huge windfall for all 4 organisations and will elevate the workplace happiness movement worldwide.


50 Partners over 30 countries

The network of workplace happiness professionals spans four continents and includes more than 50 active partner companies from over 30 nations. Woohoo’s evidence-based approach and focus on providing companies with practical tools and solutions is one of the reasons why the network has been so successful to date. This credibility, coupled with the extensive expertise of the 4 partners, makes us an important global player when it comes to happiness at work.


Wellbeing and happiness at work

Well-being and happiness at work have never been more important, especially in times of fear, stress and other challenges stemming from the ongoing crisis. Meanwhile, ‘Happiness at work’ has developed into a well-founded concept that makes use of the principles of positive psychology and groups many subdomains. Organisations have an important shared responsibility to create the right, motivating environment for their employees. Thankfully, more and more organisations are starting to focus on happiness and discovering that the return on investment is substantial.


Woohoo partner network

While this increased interest is a step in the right direction, the reality is this is still a relatively new concept for businesses and there continues to be misconception around what actually leads to workplace happiness in the first place. To bridge this knowledge gap, workplace happiness experts are often called in to help develop and implement a sustainable and strategic plan. These workplace happiness experts – including trainers, consultants and internal Chief Happiness Officers – are often looking for like-minded professionals to collaborate with, share ideas and research, examine best practices, and discuss challenges. The Woohoo network offers such a place for experts to connect worldwide.


International Week of Happiness at Work

Additionally, the International Week of Happiness at Work takes place under the auspices of Woohoo Unlimited and offers professionals an easy-to-use platform where they can get inspired and connect with others. This year, the International Week of Happiness at Work in will take place from 21 – 27 September 2020.


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