“We have now evaluated the participant feedback forms and on average, your presentation scored a perfect 5 out of 5. As far as we know, this has never happened before.”

Our clients include companies like Microsoft, Hilton, IBM, IKEA, LEGO and Shell who have all been thrilled with our services.

They especially appreciate that our speeches and workshops are highly entertaining while still giving the audience the knowledge and tools they need to take action and create happier workplaces.

We have spoken in 25 countries, and to companies from almost every industry. We have spoken to all kinds of groups from kindergarten teachers to bank executives. We have spoken in huge workplaces, in small startups and at many different conferences. We have spoken in private companies and at government institutions.

And everywhere we go we find a huge desire to fundamentally change conditions at work and create happier workplaces.

Sample client feedback

World famous Danish business leader Lars Kolind saw Alexander speak at a conference. Here’s his opinion. Spoiler: He really liked it!

“Every single participant has since told me that this was not a ‘presentation as usual’ and that your session was engaging, interesting, thought-provoking and immediately useful. Several people are using the tools already.”

“Alexander Kjerulf was the rock star at the World HRD congress this year. He mesmerized participants from 79 countries with a simple yet powerful approach to create a happy work place.”

“We regularly invite interesting people to come speak at Vertica, but now 3 years later, we all agree that the event that has made the most of a difference was yours.”

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