As a leader you will also get both the knowledge and tools you need to make your people happy at work.This Leading with Happiness seminar is based on the newest research and knowledge about Happiness at Work. It will be inspiring and with useful tools. There is a constant shift between presentation, videos, reflection, dialog and exercises.

As a leader you will also get both the knowledge and tools you need to make your people happy at work. And it doesn’t take much. Happiness at work is not about raises, bonuses, perks and promotions – it comes from simple, effective actions that any leader ought to know and do.

When & where

Wednesday November 21st, 2018 from 9:00 – 16:00 in Copenhagen, Denmark


08:30 Come early if you want a light breakfast before we start

09:00 Introduction to happiness at work

10:30 Break

10:45 Leading with Happiness

12:00 Lunch

13:00 The leader’s toolbox

14:30 Break with coffee/tea and something sweet

14:45 Plan for happiness

15:15 Praise and recognition tool: The poncho

15:45 Final summation

16:00 End of seminar

See a more detailed description of the program below.


DKK 5.375 including Danish VAT (25%) per person.

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The price includes:

  • A full day seminar
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee/tea
  • Hand-outs with practical tips
  • Leading with Happiness book (in English)
  • All slides, videos and materials

The seminar will be run by Arlette Bentzen, who's an expert on happiness at workThe seminar will be run by Arlette Bentzen, who’s an expert on happiness at work and has many years of experience as a presenter and trainer. She is also certified in Positive Psychology since September 2017.

Arlette has a background in management, HR and customer relations in a number of different industries and was also an independent consultant for 6 years. Arlette joined Arbejdsglæde nu / Woohoo inc. in 2010 and does keynotes, speeches and workshops for all types of companies both inside and outside Denmark. She also does keynotes at conferences around the world, including a TEDx talk in the UK. 


La Oficina
Suomisvej 4
1927 Frederiksberg C

Nearest Metro Station is Forum only 5 minutes walk (400 m) from the venue.
Nearest S-train Station is Vesterport only 10 minutes walk (800 m) from the venue.
Copenhagen Central Station is 15 minutes walk (1,2 km) from the venue

Tickets and cancellation policy

Tickets can be purchased with credit card or paypal trough through our eventsoftware Tito.

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Please note that the seminar is limited to 12 participants to make sure that everyone’s questions can be addressed.

Please note our cancellation policy:
Cancellations up to 1 month before the seminar: 50% refund
If we receive your cancellations after that date, the tickets are non refundable, but the ticket can be transferred to another person.


If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies we need to be aware of, please let us know as soon as possible and preferably before November 14th, 2018.

Detailed program:

Introduction to happiness at work

Opening with a presentation in happiness at work that focuses on the following topics:

  • What is happiness at work and common myths and misconceptions
  • Why is happiness important for employees, including less stress, better health, higher productivity and higher life satisfaction.
  • Why happy workplaces are more effective and profitable than unhappy ones.
  • What makes us happy and unhappy at work.

Leading with happiness

We show how leaders can use the science of happiness in their leadership. Topics:

  • How can managers stay happy at work themselves?
  • What can you do to make your employees happier
  • How can leaders get their employees to take responsibility for their own happiness at work.
  • Great cases and examples of happy and successful leaders/companies

The leader’s toolbox

Happiness at work is not about salary, bonuses, perks or promotions – it comes from simple factors and actions. We share a number of simple but highly effective tools you can use to create more happiness at work.

Plan for happiness

Participants get a chance to make their own specific plan of action, to help them actually do something about it after the workshop.


And finally, we end with an exercise in praise and recognition that teaches participants an easy and fun way to appreciate the best in their co-workers. A fantastic exercise you can use with your team at home.

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Please contact us if you have any questions.