A great big THANK YOU to all participants at our 2017 International Conference on Happiness at Work. You all helped make the event happy, inspiring and energetic. In short, you were AWESOME 🙂

On this page you can find all materials from the day including slides, videos and pictures.

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Tell us what you thought of the conference on May 18

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Tell us what you thought of the workshops on May 19


Here are all the slides from the speakers on May 18:

And from the workshops on May 19:

Videos of the speeches

Mikael Kamber: Welcome

Alexander Kjerulf: Opening Address

Helle Hein: With Great Talent Comes Great Responsibility

Rowan Manahan: How To Have A Happy Career

Thomas Vibe Hansen: How to be a Chief Happiness Officer

Mette Hybschmann: How McDonald’s Denmark Makes Young Employees Happy At Work

Arlette Bentzen: Leading With Happiness

Alexander Kjerulf: The Science Of Happiness At Work

Luis Gallardo: Boosting your branding with happiness

Michael Lindgaard Hedemann: Learn From Denmark’s Happiest Workplace

Camilla Kring: Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

Tim Dorsett: How We Make Innocent Drinks A Happy Workplace

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 Photos from the event

Here are some of our favorites photos from the day – you can find plenty more right here. A great big thank you to our awesome photographer Gareth Garvey.

Full program and speakers