We do keynotes and speeches on happiness at work for any size audience. The typical duration is 1-2 hours.

The content includes:

  • What is happiness at work and what is it not
  • What makes us happy and unhappy at work (it’s not what you think)
  • The latest science behind happiness in the workplace
  • Happiness at work is one of the top 3 factors that make us happy in life
  • Why happy employees are more productive and happy workplaces are more successful
  • My happiness at work is my responsibility
  • What can I do tomorrow to help create a happier workplace

Please note that this is not your usual (boring) corporate speech. We constantly involve the audience through exercises and dialogue and keep the mood fun and the energy high throughout. There will be laughter.

Participants get:

  • A great experience with their co-workers
  • Simple tools that anyone can use to become happier at work
  • The energy to do something about it immediately


In addition to keynotes and speeches we also do half-day or full-day workshops for groups of 10-100 people.

The workshop gives the audience more time to apply the content specifically to their workplace and includes many group exercises. And the end of the workshop, the group will have time to design their own specific plan of action for creating a happier workplace.

More than just a speech or workshop

Action speaks louder than words. It’s great to get a speaker into your organization, but if nothing changes afterwards the time and the money are wasted. That’s why we also focus on the process before and after the event, to get participants and the organization to act on what they’ve learned.

Before the event

  • Before the speech or workshop we will hold a teleconference to inquire thoroughly about the audience and their needs so we can tailor the presentation to them. We always make sure to “speak their language” and address their current situation.
  • We can also measure your organization’s happiness before the event. We do this with an online survey consisting of 10 simple questions. The survey is 100% anonymous and only takes 2 minutes to complete. We include the results in the presentation and also use it to tailor the content further.

After the event

  • The day after the event we will send you all materials including slides, videos and links to relevant further reading. This content can be shared freely with all participants.
  • A week after the event we will hold a telephone conference to discuss what specifically your organization can do to become happier.
  • 2 months after the event, we can measure your current levels of happiness using the same survey as before the event. This shows how far the organization has come and helps guide further work.

All of the above is included in the speaking fee.


We can speak on many topics. Here are some examples.

  • Happiness at work – What is happiness at work, why it matters so much for both employees and companies and how to create a happy workplace.
  • Leading with happiness – How leaders create better results by making themselves and their employees happy at work.
  • Happiness in tough times – Many companies today face major challenges, which often leads to frustrated, cynical and demotivated employees. Learn how to keep your organization happy and motivated, even in tough times.
  • Creating a high-energy workplace – Is your organization characterized by a lack of spirit and motivation? Learn how to create a high-energy workplace.
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